Why Video?

Throughout history, we’ve seen God use various infrastructures to draw people to himself: The Roman Roads, the printing press, transportation and now through media.

Media is powerful tool for this time in history to find spiritually seeking people online. After all, that’s where many people, especially in the Arab world, go when they have faith questions — they go online. They can’t ask their family or friends because they’d be labeled a blasphemer.

And they’re often struggling with big questions, like “Who is Jesus?” “Is the Bible true?”

We equip church planters with video content they can use as a jumping-off point to engage with people and begin conversations. Once they connect with them they can begin dialoging on these topics — with the goal of getting into face-to-face discipleship relationships.

And what we’ve found is that 84.5% of countries considered unreached by the gospel claim YouTube as their No. 1 or No. 2 most-visited website. That’s a potential audience of 2.6 billion people — one-third of the world’s population.

From a fishing pole to a large net

A church planter working in Eastern Europe said the work he and his team were doing to find spiritually seeking people had been slow-going. For 10 years, they tried everything to build relationships — humanitarian aid, English classes, running a business, flood relief, Christmas child boxes and even goat farming.

They met people through these efforts, but they weren’t people interested in knowing more about Jesus.

That’s when they decided to try media. In the first 20 days, the team had more engagements with spiritually seeking people than the first 10 years of effort combined.

“It felt like we had been using a small fishing pole,” he said. “And now we had access to a large net.”

Media to Movements

The heart of what TWR MOTION does is to create gospel-centered videos to enhance the local mission of church planters and ministries. We do this by equipping them with video content on the topics of:

  • Evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • And training in media strategy.

We’re passionate about creating video content, but what we’re most passionate about is making disciples. That’s why we partner with church planters.

Media to Movements is a strategy many church planters are now using because it’s an effective way to do what we just described above, which is to find and to connect with those who are already spiritually seeking online. In this strategy, they are using media to find people online asking questions about their faith. But it doesn’t stop there. The goal is to move these relationships offline and see people become disciples of Jesus who continue making disciples among their friends and family.

We’re excited God has given us these tools for this time in history and we want to be part of the work he’s already doing around the world.