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How do we reach a new generation of unreached people?

How do we reach a new generation of unreached people?



There are places in our world where people live their whole lives without ever hearing the gospel or meeting a follower of Jesus. Those same people are spending countless hours watching videos online and being influenced by the messages they find. TWR MOTION assists the church to connect this new generation of internet-savvy unreached people groups with the message of Jesus by using visual media.

TWR MOTION focuses on three key areas of ministry: training the local church, producing original content and developing missiological research and strategies. As a ministry of Trans World Radio (TWR), we have a strong international network of indigenous ministries and local pastors that are hungry for evangelistic media training to reach their own cultures. We are also able come alongside these indigenous ministries to create original video content that shares the story of the gospel with unreached people groups in their heart language. Finally, using the lessons learned from our projects, TWR MOTION helps equip other ministries to communicate the gospel by providing research and strategies for evangelizing cross-culturally using visual media.

Building on the 60-year foundation of Trans World Radio, TWR MOTION not only assists the church in reaching the world for Christ by using visual media, but also in bringing our audiences into strong discipleship relationships with their local fellowships, underground churches or in-country missionaries. Sign up below and stay informed with the exciting news and developments of this ministry.

Let’s start this journey together

Be part of the TWR MOTION team as we begin working to reach a new world with the love of Christ. It doesn’t matter if your favorite online videos involve falling cats or sports highlights. You can be part of using video to bring God’s Word to the unreached. Join us by giving, and together let’s put the gospel on display.


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