Training on media strategy for church planters

The Task

MOTION is partnering with Media to Movements to train church planters on how to use media to start disciple making movements (media to movements…get it?). We see this as another way we can equip church planters with the tools they need to find people who are already online asking faith questions.

The Need

From a fishing pole to a large net

Slow going. That’s how a church planter working in Eastern Europe would sum up the efforts of his team. As church planters, their goal is to connect with spiritually seeking people and share Jesus with them.

For a decade, they tried everything to build relationships — humanitarian aid, English classes, running a business, flood relief, Christmas child boxes and even goat farming. They met people through these efforts, but they weren’t people interested in knowing more about Jesus.

That’s when they decided to try media. And went through training on how to get started. In the first 20 days, the team had more engagements with spiritually seeking people than the first 10 years of effort combined.

“It felt like we had been using a small fishing pole,” he said. “And now we had access to a large net.”

The Solution

Training videos for church planters

Media to Movements is already training church planters, like the team in Europe, on how to use media. But they’d like to make it more accessible. That’s where we come in. We’re creating a series of explainer videos for concepts like media to movements as well as training videos on how to implement these concepts.

Join us in equipping church planters to use media to share the gospel.


“[Media] is working seven days a week, 24-hours a day. So, it’s on a scale and a scope that just can’t be done physically.”

– Jon Ralls, Kavanah Media, a Christian media marketing agency

Join us in equipping church planters to use media to share the gospel.