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We’re a team of content creators at TWR (Trans World Radio) who are passionate about making disciples. God has gifted us in the areas of video production, animation, graphic design, digital illustration and storytelling.


What we’ve found is about 84.5% of the world’s unreached population lives in areas where YouTube is either the No. 1 or No. 2 most-visited website. That means people who likely have never heard about Jesus are watching hours of videos online every day…

What if one of those videos was about Jesus?

That’s where we come in. We create custom gospel-centered videos church planters and ministries can use to connect with people online.

We’re grateful God has given us these tools

for this generation to share his good news with the world.

Meet our team

Candace Mackie

Candace Mackie loves playing music (she’s a drummer). Cats are her favorite but, ironically, she doesn’t have one. And in her opinion, Harry Potter is the best story ever. She serves as the director for this crazy team of creatives, keeping the ministry vision on track. She’s also a video producer and designer.

Tyler Church

Tyler Church loves roasting coffee and jumping out of airplanes. He once almost made it on America’s Funniest Home Videos for an undisclosed stunt. When our operations manager isn’t beating us at foosball, he is a video producer, budget balancer and tech guru.

Rachel Mehlhaff

Rachel Mehlhaff once ate durian — king of fruit (read: smelliest) — in exchange for free coffee. If you ask any other member of the team what their marketing manager does, they’d quickly chime in, “social media.” She also generates ideas and develops marketing and communication strategies… as well as producing the occasional video.

Kayla Schlipf

Kayla Schlipf’s childhood dream of becoming a dolphin trainer didn’t work out so she decided to pursue art. She is our resident digital illustrator, animator in training and artwork painter. (Any animators
reading this, please come help!)

Andrew Haas

Andrew Haas once stopped shaving for more than a year. It was a bet with his wife about who would get tired of the awesome beard first. (Guess who won?) As a video producer, his greatest contributions to MOTION are storytelling strategies, editing and grey hair.

Elizabeth Harrison

Elizabeth Harrison absolutely loves musicals but can’t sing a lick. True crime podcasts are her go-to time killer. (Thankfully, time is all she’s ever killed.) As a part-time digital content producer, she serves remotely while wrangling two of the world’s most adorable toddlers.

Hannah McGurk

Hannah McGurk loves photography, art and furry creatures. She once called a trained guard dog her pet and currently has two cats. There’s nothing like four-footed companions to help keep perspective while serving as an assistant video producer.

Alex Lemus

Alex Lemus, a native of El Salvador, wins the prize for most volunteer work on the team as he serves whenever his class schedule permits. He’s also served as a summer intern while finishing his degree at Campbell University.