Share the Story

Animated Bible stories for the Arab world

The Background

Bible stories are a natural place to start when it comes to pointing people to Jesus. A church-planting team in the Arab world approached us to visualize a set of Bible stories and that’s what led to the creation of Share the Story. The animated series includes 20 animated episodes. Each video focuses on a specific story from the Bible. The theme throughout the series is showing God’s grand story of redemption, from Abraham and the promised son to Jesus’ finished work on the cross.

You can watch each episode below. This is the Modern Standard Arabic version. Turn on captions to see what the narrator is saying.

Watch the Series

Episode 1: Creation

Episode 2: The Fall

Episode 3: Cain & Abel

Episode 4: Abraham & Hagar

Episode 5: Abraham & the Covenant

Episode 6: Abraham & the Promised Son

Episode 7: The Birth of Moses

Episode 8: The Call of Moses

Episode 9: The Passover

Episode 10: God Chooses David

Episode 11: Jonah

Episode 12: Jesus’ Birth

Episode 13: Good News

Episode 14: The Samaritan Woman

Episode 15: Jesus Heals

Episode 16: The Adulterous Woman

Episode 17: Parable

Episode 18: Lazarus

Episode 19: The Crucifixion

Episode 20: The Resurrection

Making Connections

Media give us access to people who are already online asking questions. Church planters are using videos and social media to find spiritually open people. These platforms accelerate church planters’ abilities to find people who are open to learning more about Jesus. From there, they take the conversation offline, meeting face-to-face and connecting them with other believers.

“This is the best video content in this dialect I’ve ever seen. As we’ve been sharing these videos, already we have seen people come to learn, share, and discover the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
– Church Planter in North Africa

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