Nope, it's not Hinduism.

It's Buddhism.

Good try, though.

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A Short History of Buddhism

The prince was Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism.

According to, "After six years of searching, Buddhists believe Gautama found enlightenment while meditating under a Bodhi tree. He spent the rest of his life teaching others about how to achieve this spiritual state."

The belief started in present-day Nepal, spread to India, and has since spread into Southeast Asia and even parts of Russia.

About 470 million people follow Buddhism in search of enlightenment.

Animating Bible Stories for Buddhists

A church planter in Thailand saw our Share the Story series and said they need something like it for their Buddhist context.
In areas like Thailand, where more than 50 million people are on Facebook, only 1% of people believe in Jesus. They are online watching videos, and we want to meet them there with the good news of Jesus.
"The Thais are [spiritually] hungry," said Josh, the church planter in Thailand who reached out to us. "There's just no food for them."
Josh and his team have been developing tools for sharing the gospel and discipling believers, but they'd love to make those digital to scale the message to a broader audience.
"The soil in Thailand is ready for planting, but we need partners to help develop the tools to make it possible," Josh said.
That's why he approached us! He wants to create a video series of Bible stories that will serve as an evangelism and digital discipleship tool.
“In Thailand, the gospel is advancing everywhere it is being proclaimed, but there is no church presence in about 82% to 88% of Thai districts," Josh said. "Therefore, many Thais die without ever being able to hear about the hope and power of Jesus."
"Our desire is to utilize the video format through Facebook to get the gospel message in front of every Thai person and to have discipleship sets of videos to bridge the gap of knowledge so that those who are interested in Jesus may begin to walk with him.”
–Josh, a church planter in Thailand

Want to join us in making the series?

You can join us through giving toward the series and praying with us as we develop it over the next couple years. Let's connect people in Thailand and across the Buddhist world with Jesus!